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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence line (24 hours)1800 65 64 63 if you are in immediate danger call 000

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Culturally & linguistically diverse

All women and men in NSW share the same human rights as well as equality before the law. Domestic and family violence is against the law under the Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007.

In NSW there are services available as well as support and protection for women who are victims of domestic violence. Translators are available for you if you are not confident speaking English (13 14 50). 

Some people who have come to Australia on a temporary partner (or spousal) visa are worried that if they leave their violent partner, they will be forced to return to their home country. This is not true. The Migration Act allows that if the relationship breaks down due to domestic or family violence, the victim can apply for permanent residency. See information about immigration and visas in domestic violence situations. 


Immigrant Women’s Health Service
The Immigrant Women’s Health Service provides help to immigrant and refugee women. They run workshops, support groups and a free Women’s Health Clinic.

Immigrant Women’s Speakout
Immigrant Women's Speakout Association is the peak advocacy, information, referral and research body representing immigrant and refugee women in NSW. 

Phone: (02) 9635 8022 (during business hours)
Postal Address: PO Box 9031, Harris Park NSW 2150
Email: women@speakout.org.au

Speakout radio is a project by the Immigrant Women’s Speakout Association where issues about domestic and family violence are covered in radio plays. You can listen to mp3 recordings of the plays or read the scripts. They’re available in Arabic, Dari, Dinka, Khmer, Krio, Mandarin, Somali, Sudanese Arabic and Vietnamese.

Immigration Advice and Rights Centre Inc.
The Immigration Advice and Rights Centre Inc. provides free immigration advice and representation to refugees and financially disadvantaged immigrants in New South Wales. 

You can make an appointment to talk to someone about legal advice, or call the advice line on 02 9262 3833 (Tuesday and Thursday 2.00pm to 4.00pm).

Translating and Interpreting Service
Phone: 13 14 50

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