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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence line (24 hours)1800 65 64 63 if you are in immediate danger call 000

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Sexual assault

If your life is in danger or you are currently experiencing a crime call 000.

Sexual assault and abuse can have devastating impacts. Sexual assault is any unwanted sexual or sexualised act that causes the person to feel uncomfortable or scared. 

Domestic and family violence can include sexual assault or abuse such as:

  • any form of pressured or unwanted sex or sexual degradation by an intimate partner or ex-partner, such as sexual activity without consent
  • causing pain during sex 
  • assaulting genitals 
  • coercive sex without protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease 
  • making the victim perform sexual acts unwillingly (including taking or distributing explicit photos without their consent) 
  • criticising or using sexually degrading insults.

There are services out there that can help.

NSW Rape Crisis Centre help line

The NSW Rape Crisis Centre operates a 24hr help line, free call 1800 424 017. 

NSW Rape Crisis is the 24/7 telephone and online crisis counselling service for anyone in NSW - men and women - who has experienced or is at risk of sexual assault. They also have information about services and fact sheets on their website.


1800RESPECT is a national help line for people experiencing sexual assault or domestic and family violence. Call the 24hr help line on 1800 737 732.

1800RESPECT also offers online counselling as well as, advice, resources and FAQs about sexual assault

Victims services, NSW Justice

Victims Services in the NSW Department of Justice help victims of crime. They offer support services for victims of sexual assault, including counselling, victims rights, and how to get support throughout the justice system

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